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As a Board Member of AIMS – Association of Internet Marketing & Sales – you would have thought I’d have broken this news sooner on The Client Side about the brand spanking new AIMS Blog. A post by Kate reminded me how behind I was on relaying this news item. Blame it on being busy lately.
AIMS has a new General Manager, Kathryn Lagden who is putting some really positive ideas into action and effecting some real change. AIMS has always had a grassroots social goodness to it and that is definately the path we are pointing the association back towards. She describes the new blog as a discussion forum, hence the “Blogum” tag.
In the almost two years since joining the board these changes are a great leap forward.
Keep an eye out for some great stuff in the near future and add the AIMS Blog to your RSS feeds. Go there and vote on the new home page design you like best for the Association.