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No big post here today, just an acknowledgement of one of those true artists that comes along once in lifetime. Someone who leads and can be neither duplicated nor copied.
On July 25, 1965 at the Newport folk festival, Bob Dylan tuned up, plugged in and never looked back. Greeted with a roar of boos by his loyal fans, he was labelled a sell-out for going electric.
“But great leaders are different. They fearlessly make tough calls. They speak their truth. They run their own race, making the right decisions and worrying little about public opinion. They are courage in action”. (Robin Sharma – The Greatness Guide)
Why is this so important? It is about embracing change, mastering the unknown so it does not master you. It is about doing the unexpected to help carve out who you really are, no matter how difficult or unpopular it seems. This applies to art, business or whatever pursuit you have in life. The easy road is, well, easy.
I’m a Bob Dylan fan. Not a fanatic. What makes me a fan is the respect I have for the person who makes the music, not the music itself. He is a true original. God bless that old man.