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Mathew Ingram posted about CEO blogs: “Why CEOs should blog”. I agree with Mathew that it is a good thing.
My two cents is that transparency is everything today (and I hope for tomorrow too). After rampant scandals, greed and mismanagement that seem to be in the headlines everyday, it could be a really good thing for those who embrace this medium.
As Mathew writes: “Obviously, not every CEO is going to be Mark Cuban, nor is every one going to be Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz or Edelman head Richard Edelman.” True enough. However, these guys are leaders. Hopefully they are blazing trails for others courageous enough to follow.
CEOs can shine light on the character and culture of the companies they lead and tell the story of their company in a way others can’t. I don’t see any harm with a CEO blog unless it’s used as a digital press release / truth spinning platform or to pitch product – that is where it would be all wrong. Even if those kind of shoddy blogs popped up, they would never make it. They’d be laughed out of town and no one would pay attention (in that order).
I had a chance to hear Jim Estill speak at an AIMS event a few months back. He is a CEO who gets it. And I think his company, employees and shareholders are all the better for it.