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aims.gifFor Immediate Release…. (sorry, could not resist that one) : AIMS –The Association of Internet Marketing and Sales has secured Shel Holtz for an AIMS event in Toronto on September 20.
Shel is half of the podcasting powerhouse “For Immediate Release” with Neville Hobson. They are the leading voice in podcastig and true pioneers within the genre. They are one of my personal favorite listens, packed full of great info and insights. Shel and Neville are podcasting workaholics, FIR is currently at episode 160.
shel-icon.jpgA geek dinner is in the works too (likely night before the event on September 19). Check out AIMS blog in the next few days for more details. NOTE: Registration will begin sometime next week.
Hold the date for Shel Holtz at AIMS – September 20 It is going to be great – don’t miss it. Tell all your friends.