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Is this evolution or a brick wall? Ernie Schenck of Ernie Schenck Calls This Advertising? points to MSNs site www.communicationevolved.com . It is supporting the Windows Live Messenger product.
The spoof on The Office is very clear. The use of online to send a few thirty-second spots is not as clear (well it is pretty clear what they intended, I just think they should have stopped when someone said let’s do three thirty-second spots for the site and call it a day).
I hate being overly critical (actually, no I don’t). The site is ok, the copy is somewhat cute and the spots are decent enough to get the general points across. I guess I was expecting more as we move further into the world of new marketing.
MSN had a lot of opportunity to do something else, perhaps long-form content or another engaging way of getting their message across. We all know what MSN messenger does, right? So if going viral means posting a thirty-second, I hope we all strive to shatter the decades-old mould even more down the line.
Final thought: going viral in this example is like telling people you are cool. If you have to say it, then you really aren’t. Especially if all you are pushing is another thirty.
What do you think?