I am not an HTML guy. Not my thing, never will be.
So, when I somehow managed to figure out how to install Google Analytics on my blog, I liken it to the feeling of inventing something. In fact, all I did was cut and paste some code. I realize it is not a hard task, but trust me when I tell you that adding Technorati Tags to my posts last month made me feel like I was Copernicus. So, this Google stuff is just blowing my mind altogheter.
I am freaking because I now know where my traffic is coming from (hint: it’s not all from Thornhill, Ontario Canada in my Mom’s neighborhood.)
Honestly, I am amazed at the reach out to world my little blog has achieved. I am humbled that people actually read what I have to say and don’t think I am too crazy. So thanks to everyone for dropping by. It helps keep the inspiration alive.
Note to all my grade-school teachers: Only one person has pointed out a spelling error and my bad grammer in over 100 posts. You see, I was kind of listening a bit while doodling. But, not too much.