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I had a lot of fun on Sunday recording an episode of Six Pixels of Separation, the Twist Image podcast, with Mitch Joel. (Full disclosure: Scotiabank is a client of Twist Image). Our discussion was just the two of us chatting about marketing and the passion we both hold for this industry and it’s future.
As President of Twist Image, Mitch Joel is a thought-leader in this space and has been demonstrating the use of new media to prove new media . His blogging, podcasting, writing, speaking across Canada at The Power Within (and creating of one of the kookiest looking avatars in Second Life) is serving to raise the bar for marketers everywhere. (Props to Joseph Jaffe on the UNMPNM moniker.)
Six Pixels has established itself as a great resource for understanding new marketing, social media and the evolving landscape of communications. If you have not yet subscribed to SPOS, I urge you to check it out (especially given my bias for this week’s episode!).
Also, check out a pithy little post on the Twist Image blog titled “It’s Time For Marketers To Burn The Ships“. Well worth the read.