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image14415989.jpgI was forwarded an email today by a journalist at CBS News, Melissa McNamara informing me she linked to my blog in an article she wrote today. Melissa writes Blogophile for CBS. The mention is in the section titled “Did we ever NOT have iPods”.
Andy Warhol was right, but we need to adjust the pitch a little on his fifteen minutes of fame statement.
First there was “fifteen minutes”. Then, we began an era of “fifteen seconds” of fame as everyone became an instant celebrity for doing next-to-nothing (read “reality show” phenomenon).
Now it is “fifteen megs of fame”. In my mind, it is a bit more legitimate than it’s immediate predecessor. Why? Because the source of the attention is individual creation & creativity. By way of blogs, podcasts, citizen journalism and other forms of consumer generated content, everyone has the ability to get noticed. Trust me, when I end up being quoted/linked to by CBS, this whole idea of “fifteen megs of fame” is not far-fetched!
Thanks for the link love Melissa.