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Nike has done it again. They created a lovely site to promote the new 312 Juice golf ball. I found this via the nice folks over at Random Culture and think the effort is a great example of using digital in a simple yet effective manner.
Could it go viral like Subservient Chicken or Tea Partay? Likely not, but who knows.
Is it effective in terms of demonstrating the ball in comparison to other golf balls? Well, not really. I have yet to hit through a cake, cataloupe or lava lamp but it certainly is memorable. I golf and will remember the Nike Juice 312 product the next time I am over at Golf Town. This digital effort will serve to keep them top of mind.
Will other golfers and non-golfers like the video? I have to say yes, I can’t see why not. It is unique, cool to watch and easy to participate or pass along to friends. The involvement of the poll on “what would you like to see next” will have me coming back for more.
In my books this is another smart piece of marketing from the folks at Nike. Another win in an increasing long string of wins. They make it look so darn easy. The truth is that is not. That is why I continue to be impressed.
The real question to ask is if we will feel better about ourselves and the distance we get when we shank a Juice 312 into woods or straight into the pond. I know I will feel like the ball has improved my game at that point!