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Now they have gone and done it. Bound to happen, glad it did.
Wall Street Journal reported today that Comedy Central “will air a political
parody show produced by start-up wireless carrier Amp’d mobile Inc.” The
series was originally developed for mobile devices. This is not existing
content recycled for use on mobile devices, it is the opposite. It was
created specifically for mobile and is now going to be put on TV.
According to the article by Li Yuan ” Comedy Central, part of MTV networks,
has bought the digital rights to the animated series Lil’ Bush: Citizen of
the United States
“. “The Comedy Central deal raises to a new level the
nascent business of developing TV shows for cell phones, demonstrating that
it has potential to become a breeding ground for TV content.” Amp’d Mobile also has a reality series in the works produced exclusively for cell phones.
Here is an article on the story from The Hollywood Reporter (sorry, I could not find the Wall Street Journal one online – I read it in print version)
The impact of three screens is really taking hold. As I write this, I am looking around at a crowd of people. Many are preoccupied with their mobile device (as am I). The only comment I have on Lil’ Bush being put on TV is that I am not sure what we call it when a show airs on TV that we have already seen it on mobile? Is that a re-run? Mob-run?
We need some new nomenclature on this one.