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Mitch Joel of Twist Image had a somewhat revealing post this week and decided to turn it into a digital chain letter. Here is my response to the Five Things Meme. I broke the rules and listed 10. I’m such a rebel. Can you spot the fake ones?
1. My kids and my wife are my life. Emma 5, and Ben 2, and Andrea 29 ; )
2. I have been playing guitar since 15, but am still very shy about playing in front other people.
3. I collect wine – red only. Well sort of. If collect means keep and never drink then I am certainly not a collector.
4. I’ve never broken a bone or had to be in the hospital.
5. I am rather quiet and soft spoken, a man of few words.
6. I was the inspiration for LonelyGirl15. It was all based on my video series, Loser36.
7. The first time I was ever quoted in a national newspaper (The Financial Post in mid-90’s) I managed muck it up by sparking the anger of the Premier of New Brunswick. The Premier’s office called and wrote me in response to a rather careless statement about NB’s ability to sustain growth in an industry sector that I used to work in. Please note, this was before my media training!
8. Winston Churchill and Mark Twain are huge heros of mine.
9. I’ve seen The Godfather I and II over 20 times (each).
10. I spent nearly half the year of grade six with my desk in the hall. I was a bad boy!
Now, I am tagging Mish, Tony, C.C. , Mack, Julia, Brendan, Donna, and Kathryn.
Happy tales.