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I just finished up presenting in Case Camp Second Life. I have to say it was wild. Nothing short of one of the coolest things I have done. Mitch Joel of Twist Image set it up and we were going to co-present, however, he could not make it so I was on my own.
I presented a case study of a viral marketing campaign to people from across North America and across the world who gathered inside Crayonville to hear and see it go down. It was a unique and powerful feeling. I pimped my blog at the end and wanted to clarify it was not for shameless self-promotion (well, maybe a wee bit) as much as it was a call-to-action for those in attendance in SL to drop by or call into my podcast and get a little piece of my presentation for themselves. They know what I mean.
Other presentations were by John Wall of M Show podacast fame, Doug Walker ( I just realized I know Doug from his days at Modem Media after visiting his blog) and, Mr. CaseCamp himself Eli Singer.
This is me presenting. 322700612_0e2e694f4f.jpg
Damn, I wish I looked that good in real life!
Rob of Fixion Media Marketing and Advertising posted some shots at his blog. There are more over at Flickr of all presentations.
Kate Trgovac, Eli Singer, Bryan Person, C.C. Chapman, and Lynette Radio did an outstanding job of putting this together. Way to go guys. If I missed anyone in the credits, please let me know.