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The folks at TIME must have been thinking “Uh, sorry. That cover story where “You” are the Person of the Year had a few minor exceptions. We failed to mention a few of “You” did not make the cut. And, to prove that point, your holiday bonus is a pink slip. Careful not to let the door hit your back-side on the way out!”
Yes indeed, TIME Inc., in a Grinch-esque pre-holiday move, announced layoffs of 27 mid-level and junior consumer marketing staffers. These are the very people who are likely able to take a hard financial hit at this time of the year. Yikes. Could they not have waited another three days or so just to pretend there was a happy holidays ahead?
Here is the article in Adage “Time Inc.’s Holiday Surprise: Layoffs
Tale of the tape at TIME for layoffs this year is over 400. Yes, to stay competitive it often required for companies to trim down and stay viable. No one can argue fiscal and corporate prudence and, sometimes, tough decisions on staffing need to be made. But with 3 working days to go until Santa comes to town?!?! C’mon.