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Dick in a Box? Pecker in a Package? Schmoke and a Pancake?
Whatever you call it, this Saturday Night Live video segment is funny. The look on Maya Rudolph’s face alone is priceless.

I almost blogged about this on Monday when a friend pointed it out on YouTube. However, since I didn’t know the status of the NBC and YouTube story I decided to hold off. I guess I had not been paying much attention to NBC since the removal of “Lazy Sundays” aka “The Chronic-what-les of Narnia”. What a difference a year makes.
NBC proved themselves to be big corporate poo-heads when they took down one of the funniest Saturday Night Live bits since Jessica’s little sister Ashlee did her version of Milli Vanilli. It now seems that NBC has embraced the idea of people watching content outside their box.
Mathew Ingram posted about My Dick in a Box and has a bit more context and background on NBC.
By the way Mathew, I hope you can come out to one of our Geek Dinners in Toronto in 2007. We will likely have another in January or February.