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Have yourself a viral little Christmas ; ) Check out this brilliant online holiday card called Share 2006.
Ok, once again its disclosure time. I work for Scotiabank and our digital AOR is Twist Image. I have been working with these folks for quite a while and I am so happy to see a breakout effort like this holiday card that showcase the talent of the collective team at their shop.
I received my holiday card in the mail this week, having already heard the buzz building on the effort from some peers. The personalized card was well done and the offline “carpet” certainly matched the online “drapes”, so to speak.
Adrants has given it a rave review. For those of you who read Adrant, you know that is certainly an accomplishment.
As I write this I’m asking myself if I would ever take the time to write about a holiday card? Is it just because it from the agency I work with? The answer is no. I do my best to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly on my blog in terms of advertising, marketing, social media and communications in general. I would have covered this campaign no matter who initiated it. I think it is that good. End of story.
So, congrats to the wonderful folks at Twist Image for this gem of a holiday card and all the accolades it has been gathering and will continue to gather.
Way to go. Bravo! (now get back to work on my stuff!!)