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Unfortunately for those who like a dash of sex with a new car pitch, Toyota won’t be allowing anyone’s hot girlfriend to be draped across the hood of a Prius in the latest consumer generated marketing play. However, the effort still seems pretty good. They have tapped into the right mix of audience and managed to hit the right chord in terms of “spirit” where the brand can properly employ the use of consumer generated content.
According to the story over at Adweek
“Toyota.com/hybrids is one more community site for the meager hybrid crowd (the segment is 1.6 percent of the overall auto sales market), but it is also considered by Toyota as a launching pad for future broadcast spots, encouraging its nearly 10,000 users to submit video or written messages on the reasons for their purchase or embrace of hybrids and their synergy drive technology
In terms of executing the effort, “It makes the people nervous to allow the consumer to get into this, but we monitor and filter the blogs,” said Gregg Benkendorfer, Toyota’s national manager of interactive marketing. “We don’t edit, but we filter; the last thing we need is a video by some guy with his girlfriend draped across a Prius.”
The entire focus of the campaign will consistently point consumers online, “where they can interact with hybrid owners“.
I don’t foresee a rerun of the problems faced by Chevy Tahoe CGC debacle. That is, unless George Bush or Dick Cheny submit a few anti-hybrid spots claiming environmentalists are part of the new axis of evil. With Sadam six-feet under, you just know that Dick and Bush are looking for more people to whack. And, those pansy environmentalists don’t even have any guns. Like shoot’n fish in a barrel. Err, Dick, that was fish in a barrel, not friends in the backyard.