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Did we really need more proof that everything is being recorded?
I’m not 100% certain what to make of this. Is this excessive force? A couple of rent-a-cops just doing their jobs? Mall security having trouble with a take-down?
I don’t know the full story, but I do know that the holiday season is a madhouse at LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) stores with everyone and their mother stocking up on drink. Now, if you are not from Ontario, you should know that the LCBO is the only place you can buy alcohol and one has to assume that theft is a big problem this time of year (UPDATE: I forgot to mention the person in the video is alledged to have stolen a 26oz bottle of something). For the most part, even though crowds are large, they always manage an orderly and pleasant experience with knowledgeable staff.
It is a bit unfair to the nice folks at the LCBO that this kind of publicty has their logo all over it. They have built a world-class brand over the past several years and it is a shame this may tarnish it somewhat. Any thoughts?

At last count, it had been viewed 76,000 times.There are also loads of comments on YouTube surrounding this video.