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If you were ever in doubt of the creative power of the common people then look no further than “My Box in a Box“. This follow-up to the SNL boy-band parody of “My Dick in a Box” is now a bona-fide “hit” on YouTube, showing us yet again that Fifteen Megs of Fame is within everyone’s reach.
While the comedic talents of the current SNL troop are on par with past greats, today’s wired world is allowing this bunch of comedians to reach more people and have their jokes last that much longer than ever before. And, now that every viewer has the ability to create content and reach millions on the web, this parody-on-parody has just as much potential impact as the original network-produced skit.
Interesting times we live in as we are witness to a metamorphosis of how entertainment is breeding entertainment. The audience is reacting by becoming part of the fun.
The lovely girl in “My Box in a Box” showcases amateur entertainment in a way “Tiny Talent Time” never could. It will be interesting to watch the long tail effect as much more of this type of content-complimenting-content is unleashed.
Mitch Joel of Twist Image has a great post on this with a more cerebral take on the phenomenon of “Viral In Viral“. Check it out.