A self indulgent episode where I talk about me a lot. It seems I somehow weaved myself into each and every item – not on purpose, just how it worked out this time (ya right!) There are no news items this time out, but Adjust the Pitch is included and it is a personal story about content theft from my blog.
This episode runs a bit longer than an average Client Side podcast, partly because I hit record and just let it go – no edits, retakes or stuff like that. And, there is an interview with the organizer/producer Robert Chiarito of Social Media 2007 – a conference in Atlanta I will be speaking at on Jan 31. And, I have a couple of audio comments (hooray).
I’ll return with episode 6 sooner v. later with another interview and some items in the news for your listening pleasure (or pain, whatever).
Two items with a call-to-action:
1. Case Studies – I want your case studies to be featured on upcoming episodes of The Client Side (via interview you presenting)
2. Scott Cress – give me a shout.
Call into +1-206-666-2242.
Show Notes

  • 00:00 Intro Music.
  • 01:20 No “In The News” section on today’s show
  • 02:11Call in with comments +1-206-666-2242
  • 03:45 Comment from Mitch Joel of Twist Image and Six Pixels of Separation on my forgetfulness and CaseCamp Second Life. Skype call?
  • 05:52 Proper props to Joseph Jaffe of Across the Sound who got me going in podcasting.
  • 08:54 Call to action – do you want to share your marketing, advertising, communications case studies and have them featured on The Client Side? Call +1-206-666-2242 .
  • 11:10 AIMS event: Should Your Company be Podcasting? January 25, 2007 in Toronto.
    Speakers include Mitch Joel, Judy McAlpine of CBC, myself
  • 13:50 Paull Young in from Australia this week. His blog is Young PR .
  • 15:05
    Adjusting the Pitch: Plagiarism in the blogosphere. Scott Cress takes content from The Client Side.
  • 19:30 Comment from Sulemaan Ahmed of Sears Travel and Vice-Chair of CMA – Canadian Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Council.
  • 24:10 Problem with Powergrammo & Skype – 3.0 not compatible! Thanks to CAPOW for all your help.
  • 26:24 Interview with Robert Chiarito, producer/organizer of Social Media 2007.
  • 43:22 American Copywriter # 48 shoutout. My holiday gift is delivered a bit late, but still rocks – thanks gents.
  • 44:30 Outro Music (Full Song), “Ants In My Pants” by Lima Charlie.

Podsafe Music:
Intro Music – Remember by Black Lab
Transition music – Forever by Derek Chafin
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