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Following a very well attended AIMS event in Toronto, our 5th Geek Dinner was a mad hit. By the way, people were referring to it as 4th geek dinner but according to my math it was indeed our 5th. If memory serves there was the one at Houstons, Big Daddy’s Crab Shack (with Shel Holtz), Brasserie, and La Palette and last evening at Marcel’s. UPDATE – Mitch has informed me I am taking credit for one that we only attened – see comments section
The dinners are getting so large (approximately 40 people last night) that questions started to pop-up about when the speeches would start. My response was “right after the candle lighting ceremonies”. If we have that many people again, we are considering renting out table top space for exhibitors!
The reality is that something has been unleashed here. Something powerful. The coming together of the community in Toronto over the past 5 months that I have not seen the likes of before. It is a very cool social developement in the Marketing, Advertising, PR and Tech scene that I continue to be stoked about each and everytime another one goes down. (additional post post thought: Social media is about the power of these connections between people and the manner in which the digital space is accelerating everthing.)
As ironic as this may sound, the credit for bringing together the Toronto digerati goes to the man from beautiful Montreal, Mitch Joel. The genesis of our Toronto Geek Dinners was initiated on a Skype chat on Sunday way back in August. We were talking about his trip into town and the question “Geek Dinner?” came up in the IM chat. And, as they say, the rest is history. Well, not history, more like the future to be frank. I say future because through these dinners the connectivity of people in the business has been incredible. Who knows what the future holds when so many people in the game, who are in the knowm hang out and get their geek on?
Last night saw the usual suspects. Ed Lee, Chris Clarke (our little PR buddy), Michelle Tampoya, Michael LeBlanc, Kathryn Lagden, Salima Valji, Sulemaan Ahmed, Steve Mast, Leesa Barnes, Jay Aber, Eden Spodek, Bill Sweetman. UPDATE – June Macdonald was there too. Thanks Bill
However, last night’s crowd swelled to multi-table event that included John Gustavson, CEO of Canadian Marketing Association, Ken Schaffer of VP, TuCows and One Degree, Judy McAlpine of CBC (great speech at AIMS event btw), Warren Cable of CanWest, Adrian Capobianco and Steve Brown of FUSE, Leonna Hobbs of Flackadellic and TuCows, Andrew Findlander of National PR, Elaine Pratt of KPMG (who I knew from my real “Geek” days in grade 8). Jonathan Huth of Scotiabank, June Li of ClickInsight, Doug Walker of TBWA Chait Day and also World Rock Paper Scissors Society, and Jay Moonah and Chris Pathieger from Uncle Seth. I missed meeting Sean Howard of Craphammer, but there is always next time.
And finally, The Mos – legendary ad and marketing man Peter Mosely brought his joie de vivre to our gathering. And, my new buddy Julia Stein from Fleishman Hillard, who has totally missed her calling as a top-notch creative talent in the ad world. Julia, if you won any money on the bet with David Jones, I want some points 😉
My apologies if I missed anyone in this list, please let me know by leaving a comment
I hope everyone had as great a time as I did and I am already looking forward to the next one.