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A quick follow-up to the last episode and it is all because Kate Trgovac was kind enough to give me a second chance to get this interview done! While audio levels are far from perfect (Rob Walch from Podcast 411 – who I just met in Atlanta at Social Media 2007 – is helping to point me in the right direction for better quality Skype recording).
In the News segment is back but since the episode was close to an hour, I cut the Adjust the Pitch segment.
And, in response to a email from C.C. Chapman, here is a link to help him raise donations for an MS Walk that is also aligned with my Podsafe Music selction of the week. C.C – send me a audio promo and I will play it as often as I can to help you reach your goal.
No comments this week, so call in!! Call into +1-206-666-2242.
Show Notes

  • 00:00 Intro Music.
  • 01:50 Recap of AIMS event featuring Mitch Joel of Twist Image, Judy McAlpine of CBC and myself
  • 03:00Props to Kathryn Lagden, GM of AIMS (who has also promised to call in with comments at +1-206-666-2242)
  • 06:38 Bill Sweetman launches his podcast “The Marketing Martini”
  • 7:34 In the News: Auto Magazines turn editorials into digital revenue; Canadian Firms will spend more on marketing in 2007; Attack of the tech saavy toddlers – huh?; SlingBox – the gentle disrupter.
  • 19:02 In Conversation with Kate Trgovac of My Name Is Kate.
  • 24:24 We discuss CaseCamp Second Life.
  • 25:10 Bryan Person aka Bryper – I have dubbed you the “Social Media Stalker” – all in jest and with much love!.
  • 44:00 NewsText service explained (sort of).
  • 49:17 We discuss blog content theft – Scott Cress is still silent.
  • 52:30 End of Part 1 of Conversation with Kate (some wonky audio here – it only lasts a second – no clue what I did wrong this time!
  • 55:00 Outro Music (Full Song), “Neighbour” by Lascivious Biddies.Help with the cause – Walk for MS

Podsafe Music:
Intro Music – Remember by Black Lab
Transition music – Forever by Derek Chafin
Download Episode #6 – The Client Side, In Conversation with Kate Trgovac edition – Part 1