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.. or at least that is what Prof. Michael Keren has said about me. And, he said it about you too. That is if you write a blog you are part of the ranks of the outcasts, the lonely, isolated and withdrawn. I’ll bet he thinks those who read blogs are social rejects too.
Here are a couple of his choice quotes:

Bloggers are living in a world where emotions may be real but everything else is make-believe, says a University of Calgary professor in a new book.

Many of us end up like Father McKenzie in the ‘Eleanor Rigby’ Beatles song, who is writing a sermon that no one is going to hear,” he suggests.

Here is the deal Professor, so listen up. Since I started blogging my social network has increased across the globe. I’m not tripping here, it is a fact. I just got back from Atlanta from a conference where I met many others who blog. These are people who I will no doubt stay in touch with for years to come. In fact, I was asked to come down to the conference and speak in the first place as a result of writing my blog and producing my podcast. Isn’t it amazing how I managed to come out of my isolated little shell and find my way to hop on a plane to join a dozens and dozens of other withdrawn outcasts?
Obviously the power of the blogosphere escapes this guy. Sure, there are many cat bloggers and others out there who likely have a limited list of buddies on MSN or Skype. Are they under the illusion that they will find their Fifteen Megs of Fame with a simple little blog diary? Or is it self expression for self expression sake? An outlet to share and become part of a larger community? A way to be more social than keeping a diary in a drawer beside the bed? Who knows. What I do know is that I do not judge them.
It is just too easy to lump people together this way. Too easy to make a observation about what is going on in our society and so readily discount what is really going one here. Too narrow-minded to not see and report on the bigger picture. And, it is way too self-serving to make headlines with controversial and misleading quotes.
With that in mind Prof. Wanker, I’d like to invite you to our next Geek Dinner for you to see how pathetic a bunch we all really are in person.
Hat tip to Mitch Joel of Twist Image for pointing this out.