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It started with a bang, the first kick off return for a TD in history. Things kind of went downhill for Chicago from there. Congrats to all the Colts fans.
The ads are up. Check them out here.
Bob Garfield of Ad Age weighed in and, for the most part, we agreed on what worked and what did not. Please note, I wrote my reviews before checking out what Bob had to say as I really respect his opinion and did not want to be swayed. Here is my run down:
Dude crashing car was cute. Nice graphics. Somewhat believable too (trust me on this, I have a friend who slammed into the back of a bus while driving his Dad’s Jaguar checking out some girls walking to the beach in Florida). True story, although no Doritos were involved.
Check-out girl: Made me smile, although I ended up feeling it was thoroughly average.
Was this really the best out of all the consumer generated content that was submitted?
Rating: 2.5/5
Touching. Rating: 3.5/5
Rock Paper Scissors: Funny and to the point. No brain surgery here folks, just a funny beer ad. Doug Walker, were you watching? How did you influence that one? Rating: 3/5
Select: Whatever. Half a field goal for trying. Loose the CGI. Rating: 1.5/5
King Crab: I liked this one, although this is exactly the type of ad we have come to expect. Rating: 3/5
Spot Wink: Cute, but that is about all. I will say that people will probably love this ad. I say it is just ok. Rating: 2/5
Bud Light
Fist Bump: Good stuff here. I liked this one, some huge slaps in this ad. Rating: 3/5
Great Apes: Monkeys are funny. Way funny. Apes, not so much.
Rating: 2/5
Reception: This works for me. I liked it a lot. True insights into the male psyche in this spot. Any guy who has been in a wedding party, standing on the side bored out of their tree will adore this spot. Rating: 4/5
Movie: Nice bit. The gag works with the joke at the end. Rating: 3/5
Emerald Nuts
GOULET!!! K-Fed and Goulet should tour together. Damn this spot is funny. Emerald Nuts is the hero of the Super Bowl. This spot will be water cooler conversation on Monday for certain. Rating 4.5/5
Career Builder.com
Two commercials, same theme. Survive the work week, yeah yeah yeah. Wake me when they are done. Nothing special here. Nothing to see folks, move along. Rating: 2/5
Fed Ex
Same ol, same ol. Some one bought a dime store joke book and apparently read it cover to cover. Rating: 2/5
Sorry, I don’t get it. I watched twice. Still don’t get it. I’d say shite, but I just don’t get it. If this is the best consumers can muster up on their own, I am buying a lot, I mean a lot of stock in BDA (big dumb agency) holding company stock. (Thanks to George Parker of Adscam for the BDA reference) Rating: 1/5
I do not go often, nor do I have a weak stream. I do not stop and start. I do not strain nor have incomplete emptying. I do not wake up to go, I do not go urgently. I do not like green eggs and ham. Sam pees fine, I am. Rating: 2.5/5
Two spots, bang on their brand. Well done. Rating: 4/5
Schick Quattro
Two words, dumb-ass. Rating: 0.5/5
K-fed finally finds a role that suits him to a “T”. FRIES ARE UP. Loved this ad. Nationwide is on my side. Props to K-fed for knowing the joke is on him and embracing it.Rating: 4/5
Grand Theft Auto: This is a brilliant ad. I liked it better on YouTube when the segment that got what it was all about could seek it out. As part of a Super Bowl broadcast, I cant help but think it went over most viewers heads. Rating: 3.5/5
Happiness Factor: Another great ad. This one actually worked better on the Big Screen.
Appeals to everyone. Rating: 4/5
Black History Month. Nice spot. Well done. Rating: 3/5
Tired, need rest now. More to come in Part 2 tomorrow.