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Chairman of RIM, Jim Balsillie, has accused (and rightly so) the music industry of messing up the advancement of the wireless world. In a statement that smacked of the same tempered vitriol of Steve Jobs open letter on DRM, the RIM chief stated that the entertainment industry is holding wireless back and needs to get collective ass in gear. Oh yeah, and they should do it NOW!
Here is an excerpt from the Globe & Mail article by Simon Avery:

The digital rights management (DRM) software that controls how consumers access and use the tracks they buy online has become a messy process that essentially charges people twice for the same music if they use incompatible devices and discourages the wider adoption of portable digital music, he said.
“I think [DRM is] just going to break down with the normal proliferation of the Internet,” Mr. Balsillie told analysts and investors at an RBC Dominion Securities Inc. conference in Toronto. “It’s going to be tough. I think [content providers] are going to have to shift their business models. But they will go down swinging.”

I like what Ric Aroit had to say:

“When you buy a piece of music you should be able to do what you want with it,” said Ric Arboit, president of Nettwerk Music. “The big corporations have lived by an old model that works very well for them, and it’s all been based on who controls distribution.” DRM is not attached to music CDs, which still represent the bulk of the music industry’s sales. “The logic to me is baffling,” Mr. Arboit said.

In my book, it is high time for the entertainment industry to tear down the walls. Failing to catch-up with the realities of today’s world will be too little too late for the needs of the “net generation” that holds the keys to the future. The times they are a changing.