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This post was inspired by a conversation between Kate Trgovac and my wife a few weeks back.
Social Media is killing us. I love Social Media but there are limits on time and attention. For those of us involved in online communities, channels and conversations, we must be mindful. Mindful of those who we tend to leave behind as our face-to-screen and face-to-face-time with other digerati and socirati (new word!) seems to be growing exponentially.
We all have loved ones, partners or friends who know of the countless hours we spend face-to-screen. Be it blogging, podcasting, commenting and calling in. Those who witness the time slip by as we contribute to a wiki here or there, play with a widget, extend our tour of duty in Second Life or twitter around on Twitter. Sometimes it’s the tagging in Technorati, diligent Digging or diving head first into Delicious. Or perhaps it is Skype or iTunes or just general ego surfing that captures our attention? Whatever floats your digital boat I guess.
To make matters worse, as if we were not being social enough online, we have become quite a social bunch outside the glow of our laptop screens in a face-to-face environment. Be it a CaseCamp, BarCamp, DemoCamp, PodCamp, Third Tuesday, Throng, Meetup, Geek Dinner, conference or other gathering and/or event, the weeknight and sometimes weekend activities can take a toll. It can have an impact on those who don’t see the fun and valuable friendship forged through the social media space.
Bottom line is that I am not the only person to come to the realization that the social media calendar is killing us all slowly! My question is “how social is social media when we are less social with the people we live with?!?!”
So it is time for recognition for those who are in the shadows. Let’s give a huge cheer and acknowledgement to those who are left to look over our shoulders or stay at home with the kids or the dog as we socialize through social media. They are a huge part of the equasion that cannot be overlooked. I know I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my wife who is always there to support the crazy calendar of events. So if I miss a few gatherings or seem off-line for a while here and there, it is because I am balancing that equasion out.
I love the scene, but I sometimes think we need a time-out. For the love of Pete, let’s have Moratorium March, ok?