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This is a special episode dedicated to email marketing.
This episode coincides with the release of the CMA – Canadian Marketing Association’s Guide to Email Marketing and a breakfast seminar that I will moderate on Wed March 7th titled “Optimizing Email for Better Results“. Panellists at the seminar called in and shared what they will cover in their presentations and we have lots of comments that drive the discussion on episode 10.
Is email alive and well? What will happen when the generation that grew up digital hits the workforce and becomes a driver of the economy? As marketers how will we adapt? Should we continue to focus on email and, if so, what areas must we address to keep email communications relevant and engaging in the face of rapid change?
Lots of great commentary and conversation in today’s episode, take a listen. In the News and Adjust the Pitch will be back for episode 11.
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Show Notes

  • 00:00 Intro Music.
  • 01:08 My favorite qutoes – William Gibson, author of Pattern Recognition.
  • 01:22 It’s all about email.
  • 01:55 Personal milestone – hitting the double digits in episodes.
  • 3:40 CMA Guide to Email Marketing: Background.
  • 8:05 Comment: Sulemaan Ahmed of Sears Travel on his CMA presentation..
  • 12:15 Comment: Scott Jamieson of SJR Consulting on his CMA presentation.
  • 14:52 Comment: Randy Litchfield of Inbox Marketer on his CMA presentation.
  • 20:05 Comment: June MacDonald of RIM, and Being Direct on email marketing, PodCamp Toronto and MySpace.
  • 26:44 Comment: Kathryn Lagden of AIMS, on Facebook and managing to find new blogs to read and podcasts to listen to.
  • 20:05 Comment: Bryan Person of New Comm Road and Monster on email content and supplemental channel development.
  • 38:52 Blog Comments from Jon Lax, Paula Skaper and Stefan Eyram.
  • 43:24 Blog Post from John Wall of The M Show and Ronin Marketeer answers all my questions I put out to CAPOW.
  • 46:00 Wrap up: My thoughts on email and a brief overview of The CMA’s Guide to Email Marketing.
  • 43:24 Outro Music (Full Song), “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Poverage” by Panic at the Disco.

As always, call 1 206 666 2242 let me know what you are thinking.
Podsafe Music:
Intro Music – Remember by Black Lab
Transition music – Forever by Derek Chafin
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