My wife questioned my posting of Sad Kermit. It is not in her spectrum of taste, which is fine. It may not be within yours either. And that too is fine. Not all of us can stomach Kermit shooting smack and hurling. I completely understand.
In explaining to her why I thought it was appropriate for myself with a blog dedicated to marketing, advertising and communications to post something like Sad Kermit, my quick quip was “why not”. Sad Kermit is a shining example of what is going on as everyone becomes a content creator and sacred cows (or frogs) can come crashing down to earth.
Now that pedestrians are producers creativity is in no short supply and Sad Kermit is just more proof that we own this space and, in my opinion, are making some very interesting use of it.
Is any explanation needed when we choose to post something totally unrelated to our themes? I think not. This is our space and we share what we feel is worth sharing. In my case, outside the marketing box is just as good (sometimes even better) than inside.