I rarely do this sort of thing but felt compelled this time to write about a new “best of list” called The Sweet Sixteen and to ask for your vote (for The Client Side of course) on The Most Valuable Podcast poll.
Kevin Behringer of Fly Over Marketing has compiled a list of the marketing/advertising/PR/communications/social media sweet sixteen and says he did it to identify the ones he likes and to have others suggest other ones.
I usually dislike these linking-type tactics (top blogs, MVB’s, most influential etc.) as I feel they are totally subjective and usually miss some real gems. They often feel like they are just baiting to juice Technorati rankings and I always ignore them. It really should suffice that my blog roll and the blog roll of others are the MVB list of sorts. If you follow the breadcrumbs you will find the ones that mean something and are of value to you. Only you can determine what you like and will come back to.
So why bother bringing attention to this? Well, Kevin seems very genuine and, to be honest, I am curious to see if I can kick Bryper’s butt. I am pitted against NuComm Road, Bryan Person’s podcast by luck of the draw and I am intersted to see what my call-to-action here does.
Bryper is a friend and this is whole thing is kind of silly as I’m sure none of us on the list ever felt like we were competing against each other. That is, however, until now.
Anyhow, in the grand scheme of things this won’t put my kids through university. However, it did cross my mind in terms playing a sympathy card to get your vote. That is what the hint of competition does to people, it makes us devious and petty. I will have none of that.
Just vote Canadian, eh.