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This is not a post about fat-blogging. It is about guts. The kind of guts you need if you are involved in marketing in 2007 and want to make a difference. Today’s world requires experimentation and risk in order to seize areas of opportunity.
I moderated a panel yesterday at the CMA – Canadian Marketing Association’s Word of Mouth Marketing Conference titled “Does marketing work in Social Media and Virtual Worlds“? The panel consisted of Rob Cottingham, Steve Osgoode and David Jones.
These guys told it like it is. You need to be bold and dare to be different. You have to look risk in the face and say “I like you, let’s dance”. Get over yourselves and be a bit risky.
I am often asked about how to get into emerging areas of marketing and I reply that it takes courage and passion mixed with letting go of being “safe”. Embracing risk is not something you can learn, it is a choice you have to make. Like diving into a cold lake, it begins to warm up only after you are in it.
PS. Thanks to David Jones who helped me to patch my recorder into the sound board to capture the discussion. We ended up recording the session and I will post soon as an episode of The Client Side podcast.