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Racial slur or gender smear? Hey, why not just kill two birds with one stone.
Yes, it is official. Wikipedia has already been updated. The “i” man is down and he won’t be getting up. CBS has pulled the plug on Imus. My guess is that either Al Sharpton or Howard Stern provided the updated edit to the popular online encyclopaedia.
Unless you have been living under a rock this week, I am referring to Don Imus and his recent radio debacle when he called the whole Rutgers women’s University basketball team “nappy headed hos”. What we are unsure of is when exactly Don lost his mind?
I believe the true issues here are ones of culture, selective tolerance and the erosion of tasteful language. And bigotry. Don had become known for his comments but this time he went too far. When an old white man tries to talk street, it just does not come off well – ever. Any veteran broadcaster that tries to sound hip and “down” by using dumb-ass derogatory phrases has got what is coming. The real irony here is that if Howard Stern had said it the same thing, not one single person would have batted an eye. Sad but true.
So, can we point a finger at rap music? How about the whole entertainment industry? How can we understand just how we have allowed our speech to get to the point where it incorporates misogynistic and racial terms that Imus feels he can use so flippantly? Who knows. These are not easy questions to answer or resolve.
However, in my book, stupid is as stupid does. And stupid has consequences. Buh Bye “i”.