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Client-side marketers and advertisers must believe we have it so good that we don’t need to think for ourselves anymore. What I mean is that, in the prospecting cycle, vendors and suppliers have become numb to the often overheard statement “go talk to my agency” or “my agency handles that, they will tell me if it is a fit”. Is it veiled client laziness? Is it a clear lack of understanding or caring? Or, perhaps it is just a flippant “passing the buck” technique. Bottom line is that all of those lame and unacceptable.
Any client-side marketer who utters the phrase “you need to call my agency about that” to a vendor or should be docked a weeks pay – retroactive to when they started using the phrase.
Of course, it is prudent to involve your agency in the evaluation of new found options and choices presented by outside parties – as they should you. That is certainly an effective way to help gauge the potential for adoption. It would be a mistake to avoid their input and counsel if you have a true valued partnership underpinned by honesty and transparency. However, in most cases, the frontline of investigation should be taken by the client. We know our business best and need to lead, not be led.
Too many clients exist within a paradigm that says “if my agency or consultant hasn’t put it on my radar, it can’t be important”. That is wrong. It is incumbent on client-side marketers to do the due diligence on technologies, platforms, channels, tools and new marketing opportunities that may benefit their bottom-line. It is my belief that to engage your agency you must have an effective on-going dialogue in order to produce the best results possible. It is tough to argue against that kind of approach.