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Reruns of WKRP in Cincinnati pretty much got me through my teenage years. As geeky as this sounds, I can answer nearly any WRKP trivia question. Want to test me? Leave a comment or call into my podcast (206 666 2242). No matter if it is Fever, Flytrap, Tarlek or Quarters (huge crush on her when I was a lad) or the Big Guy, I know all and am all knowing with WKRP.
Anyhow, for fans of the show (and I know there are many) you will be happy to know (or pehaps not) that the DVD of Season One was just released. However, there is a catch – they are not the definitive full episodes. I caught a piece in the new and improved Globe & Mail that stated:

Hard-core fans of the program have described the release as a “travesty” and an “abomination”. And those are the good reviews.

The article explains further:

According to a source who worked at MTM Enterprises (now owned by News Corp.) when WKRP was being remastered for syndication, it was too difficult and / or expensive to get the digital media rights to the music that was used in the show , so the majority of it was replaced with Muzak-style background tunes.

In some cases, that removes a big part of what made certain scenes so classic, including the one in which sad-sack news director Les Nessman tries on a new toupee to the strains of Foreigner’s Hot Blooded. Some scenes were removed all together

What a shame. A crying shame. Here is an explanation from WIRED a while back on the issue of music in TV shows, although it does not help me come to grips with this matter.
As much as I would love to buy this DVD set, I likely won’t. I can’t fathom how the entertainment companies are so wrapped up in the DRM kafuffle that they would short change themselves and fans in this way.
For me, it comes down to the ideal that if you are going to bother to do something at all, do it right.
Walls Andy, I need walls. And, one of my all time favorite news lines “.. But the Senator, while insisting he was not intoxicated, could not explain his nudity.”