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Episode 17 goes back to the basics for TCS. Over 25 minutes of news on this episode, yes that is a helluvalotta news. It has been such a long time that I needed to clear the backlog – I promise it will be shorter next time (it is hefty… and good). Bans on Facebook and the issue of Digital Rights Management and how it shortchanges consumers is also discussed.
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Show Notes

  • 00:00 My favorite qutoes – Peter Drucker
  • 1:05 Client Side Blog First Anniversary, new episodes of The Money Clip Podcast from Scotiabank, Launch of MyVault site, musings on Facebook and it’s being banned in the work setting.
  • 10:30 Audio comment: William Azaroff from Van City and ChangeEverything.ca.
  • 12:43 Lots and lots of news: Web censorship: US Army blocks sites; Ontario Government bans Facebook; Bebo banned in New Zealand; Morroco bans YouTube; Study on Countries around the world that like to censor the web. </
  • 17:53Big Playas: Microsoft bridges digital divide with low cost software; New hotmail; Google dominates search; Ranks #1 in brand ranking and creates new home page-iGoogle.</
  • 23:18 Web TV and entertainment stuff: Joost carves out deals with Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros; Mark Burnett and MySpace create “Independent” – a Presidential Candidate Reality Show; YouTube shares revenue with content creators; CBS buys WallStrip; NBC Universal creates new online video ad standard; Nielsen announces Online Video Census.</
  • 29:32Will Ferrel comedy site funnyordie.com; Study reveals how important email really is! What would you give up for email? </
  • 32:53Brand marketing on Web: Mercedes-Benz integrated campaign for 2008 C-Class Sedan; Time Launches Food Portal; Barbie goes digital for tweens. </
  • 35:42How teens watch video when not watching TV; The Minisode – Classic TV shows get shrunk down to 5 minute episodes for web viewing by Sony.
  • 40:15Adjusting the Pitch: Jenny Bullough of Harlequin and The Newbie Blogcalls in with a comment about DRM – Digital Rights Management and my post on WKRP in Cincinnati. There is also a trivia question answered on WKRP.
  • 57:28 Outro Music (Full Song), “Rock n Roll Man”
    by Mr Nasty.

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