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While in New York this week, I received a surprising note from Scott Cress regarding the plagiarism incident involving my blog from four months ago. Here is what Scott wrote:

I would have written you earlier, but I actually just “rediscovered” your blog and your posting on Plagiarism.
First of all, I would like to apologize. My intent was never to pass your original work (or other’s) off as my own. I simply did not think about referencing the source. The cressfamily blog is little more than a platform for my extended family to share information (it really does not get much “outside the family traffic”) and for me to experiment. I was/am not attempting to profit by any means from the blog. I recall getting an email from someone (not sure if it was you or someone else) about something I had put on the blog. I took the email as a request to remove the posting, which I did. Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson and will make sure that I give credit to any sites that have something interesting that I want to share with my family.
If anything, it is interesting to see how small the Internet really is… Our family blog gets maybe 5-10 visits a day.

I wrote back to Scott that I do not hold grudges, accepted his apology and appreciated his note. I not sure of why there was a four to five month gap, but no matter (maybe he has me tracked on GPS and could see I was in New York?!?). I let Scott know that simple attribution and link love is all that is required to keep things above board in this space and hope he would adhere to it in the future.
Unfortunately for Scott, the nature of our new connected world is that, even though he has apologized, his reputation has taken a hit. No, I do not wield that much influence, but Google does. When you Google his name, The Client Side post shows up on page 1 listed at number 6 and 7 regarding the incident. It is becoming more and more of reality that you are who Google says you are. There are a whole new set of rules and judges for reputation management out there that we all need to be aware of.