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I just read about the introduction of a “new friend” on Lonelygirl15’s webisode. The “new friend” is from Neutrogena – a scientist no less!
The post at Mashable explains:

The Neutrogena employee will appear in multiple episodes and reportedly help the show’s cast fight an evil group called “The Order” (while subtly pimping products from the manufacturer of “premium skin, hair and cosmetics products”). “This long-term relationship with Neutrogena is unprecedented, as the brand comes to life organically with the characters and storyline”, according to the marketing pitch.

I think we all saw this coming in some form so is it really a sell-out when monetizing the LG15 character was likely the goal in the first place? It was just a matter of time before sponsors/advertisers showed up.
The jury is out on whether this is a good move or not for either party (although I’m sure LG15’s creators like getting paid). What I do know is that it will create a bit of buzz and I think it is an interesting experiment to reach out the viewers/fans of LG15. I’m not sold on the way they are doing by (re: introducing a character in the way they described) but we’ll have to wait and see if it takes or not.
What do you think?
Hat tip to Mashable ‘s Adam Ostrow.