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Mark Evans of B5 Media was interviewed by Shel Israel, author of the great book Naked Conversations, on his Global Neighbourhoods blog.
In terms of Canadian enterprise, Shel asked Mark: Is business using wikis, video, social networks or even podcasts to any appreciable degree? Why or why not?

Mark replied: The simple answer is no. In fact, I would argue that the vast majority of Canadian business still believe a Web site is cutting edge – let alone using podcasts, wikis or social networks. One exception might be Scotiabank, which has a popular podcast called The Money Clip.
It is very nice to know our efforts at Scotiabank are being recognized by someone like Mark who is so intimately involved in the space. For myself and the team at Scotiabank, it is a great validation of our efforts to be spoken of as a leading corporate example in these developing communication channels.
Of course, the most important validation is from our audience that listens into The Money Clip and are involved in the community we are building via the podcast and our wider community of MyVault users. (BTW – I just set-up a MyVault from Scotiabank group on Facebook to bring together the community of listeners and users / subscribers to the MyVault site. If interested, you can join in the MyVault community as well – it is free and quite cool, so check it out and sign-up.)
We are busy preparing our next series of podcasts that should be out in a few weeks or so. If you have not tuned into The Money Clip yet, please subscribe over at iTunes or check it out on The Money Clip site. And, if you have, please write a review and help us spread the word. We’d love to know what you think too!