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I could easily pin my absence from blogging and podcasting during August on dial-up only access from my holiday spot. However, the hiatus was conscious decision. I chose to keep the laptop closed for 99% of time I was away, not reading, writing or basking in the glow of the screen at all (with the exception of downloading pictures of the kids to free up space on the digital camera’s flash card). The hiatus even carried over a few days of being back at home.
Disconnecting from the online world was my acknowledgement that the frantic pace of keeping up with technology, social media, and marketing must always take a second seat to the important things in life. Devoting every moment to my family was great.
Then, on Tuesday this week, I had the pleasure of joining about 300-400 other golfers at the 5th Annual Toronto Ronald McDonald House Charity Golf Classic held at Angus Glen in Markham.
After golf was over, everyone was moved (many to tears) as the mother of a child suffering from leukemia spoke to attendees about the importance of Toronto’s Ronald McDonald House in her family’s life. She spoke about what it meant to have a home away from home when her 18 month-old boy went through a year of treatment. How the House brought her family together with others who are going through similar unfortunate situations and surrounded them with comfort and understanding. How some degree of relief from the fear and worry was achieved by simply having a place to call home. And, when her son relapsed, they knew they had a place to go as their lives were again sidetracked without warning.
It made me realize how fortunate and lucky the vast majority of us are. The only thought I had in my head was getting home to hug my kids. And, that spending every minute of every day together over the past 2-3 weeks uninterrupted is what it’s all about.
I pray no one will ever have to know what it is like to spend a night at Ronald McDonald House. However, it is comforting to know it exists. TRMH is a great cause and I encourage you to support in any way you can.
Check out Toronto’s Ronald McDonald House and see how you can help.