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Last night’s Geek Dinner at Eggplant on King St. East in Toronto marked the 1st anniversary of the little social gathering that seems to grow bigger and bigger each time out.
Approximately 60 people representing a cross-section of the social media, digital marketing, advertising & communications industry got their geek on in grand geek style. Getting together just for the sake of getting together.
Hard to believe it was last August when Mitch Joel of Twist Image and Six Pixels of Separation sent a two-word email to me. It read “Geek Dinner?”. That was it. We booked a restaurant, blogged about it and sent out some emails. It has taken on a life and legacy of its own ever since.
As with the first dinner, it came together in flash – planned and pulled together inside of a few days. The singular success factor (for myself at least) is a hoarse voice the next morning resulting from many great conversations carried on at increasingly higher decibel levels over the volume of everyone else’s conversations. In other words, a very noisy room.
It is always great to see new faces and old mingle and is a very interesting to meet those who share a passion for the space. Without trying to set a tone for the dinner, it is always a non-imposing and open environment with a lot of movement amongst diverse range of people those in attendance – meaning it does not matter who you sit beside or across from, as there will likely be someone else sitting there before main course or dessert. Special thanks to Julia Stien of Fleishman Hillard and Sophisticated Bohemian who helped organize things this time out.
There was no formal acknowledgement of hitting the one year mark. I actually think that would put too much emphasis on the get together as an actual event when it is really all about the people. So, I thought I’d at least mention it here as it is worth noting it has been going on for a year. And, will hopefully continue for many more.
I know I speak for Mitch and Julia when I say it is an honour to play co-host and thanks to everyone who came out. We hope we’ll see you (and new people as well) at the next one.