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I found this image that says a lot about expectation setting. Promises are often made in the business world regardless of expertise, fit or capabilities to actually deliver on the claims made to close a sale.
Some businesses understand the importance of staying true to their strategy by knowing when to say “NO”. And, by setting and delivering on a unique set of attributes, they narrow the audience to those that appreciate the effort and will return (and hopefully tell others). The lesson here is to stop promising the moon and the stars to everyone in an effort to make sure no one is left out. Know when to say no.
How many services/products/promises do you offer? What if you said “no” to certain ones and focused on doing the others exceptionally well? What expectation would that set with customers or prospects?
This cute disclaimer is quite telling. There are many businesses both big and small that don’t realize that they probably could benefit from a sign like this to guide them. It may just help them say “no” more often and become something to someone rather than everything to everyone.
If you had a sign, what would it say?
(BTW – I can’t recall where I found the image. I neglected to take note of the source I found, so my apologies for sharing the image without the link attribution. I will update if I am able.)