I just read this item from WIRED describing a new experimental feature from Google that seems to promise a more personalized search experience.
The WIRED blog explains “The new options appear as a series of buttons on the search results page which allow you to star a page, reorder results and even add a URL to a site you think is relevant. Next to each page link there’s an up arrow and an “x” button for ranking and rearranging the results, and any changes you make will be remembered the next time you search those keywords.” Read the full post “Google Experimental Search Adds Personalized Page Ranking”
Apparently it is not available for everyone, only select individuals are able to access it. I have yet to see it in action and am interested to check out how it would actually enhance the search experience. At a minimum it sounds like another development that is driving Google to reinforce it’s position of being as relevant as possible, now with the ability to drill further down to the individual or micro-user preference level. Neat stuff.