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Episode 20 is part two of the discussion on client and agency relations, exploring how it might work better with a review of the various elements and components that drive them to be effective. In part two we look at The Balanced Scorecard and how it can help us set the stage by setting expectations and understanding the qualities and measurements that are important. Also, the In The News segment is back after a long absence.
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Show Notes

  • 00:00 Favorite Quotes – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • 00:35 Show Overview.
  • 2:28 Housekeeping – pimping for audio comments and new Facebook group members to The Client Side Podcast Society. </
  • 3:34 Audio comment: Francis Wooby of Wooby Communications on Facebook spam.</
  • 9:45 Audio comment: Jay Berkowitz – Ten Golden Rules Podcast on podcast production quality. </
  • 13:34 In The News: Retail online sales over the holidays; Online glitches and bad service are costly; Social researching shoppers; Word of Mouth worth $1 Billion; Unilever – Onslaught and Axe marketing controversy. </
  • 22:24 Agency and Client Relationships: The Balanced Scorecard – what is it and how can it work for you?.
  • 32:00 Outro Music (Full Commercial): Mogan David Wine – a classy radio spot from the 70s for “Mad Dog 20/20” .

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