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Yes, you read correctly. I can now be found on the dark side of the force.
It was the worst kept secret but I can now officially inform that I have moved on from my position at Scotiabank to join Thornley Fallis as Vice President, Digital Marketing.
For those of you that know of Thornley Fallis, you know that I am joining a superb group of individuals that are leaders in the social media and digital space. Joseph Thornley (Pro PR) is a prolific blogger and is a force in helping to define the evolution of communications through social media. Terry Fallis, (half of the great Inside PR podcast with co-host David Jones) has been a big influence and inspiration on my podcasting and social media presence. In fact, my first podcast experience was co-hosting Inside PR way back in episode 20-something. Needless to say I am stoked to have the opportunity to work with the folks at Thornley Fallis and help make a difference by working with a range of great clients.
It was not easy leaving my gig at Scotiabank and the fantastic team of folks that I worked with everyday. Over the past ten years, our team built a world-class relationship and database marketing platform that spoke to our customers and prospects in meaningful ways. I had the great fortune of developing our digital footprint over the last decade, creating programs that delivered content that actually mattered in the lives of our customers. This is not a pat on the back to myself, it is a testament to great vision and leadership from the executive at Scotiabank who let ideas take seed and grow. And, to the vendors, partners, agencies and contractors I had the pleasure of working with over the years. Thank you all.
The most asked question of me so far?: Will you rebrand The Client Side?
Stay tuned…