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One of the first questions I’ve been asked when people have found out that I am moving over to the agency side is “Does this mean you will be re-branding and changing The Client Side blog/podcast?”
Well, aside from changing the header description and bio page to accurately reflect my status and new gig, the answer is no.
Here’s why:

  • I have spent over a decade working on the client side. It is a quintessential part of me. It’s in my DNA and constitutes my world view. After I spend a decade (or at least half that long) on agency side, I’ll consider a change : )
  • The blog is dedicated to “brand and customer champions worldwide who are making a difference from the client side”. I’m a customer champion, always have been and always will be. I will continue to view everything I do through that lens no matter if I am client or agency side. The blog will still speak to marketing issues as it always has. It’s a collective of ideas, thoughts and items based on the outlook and reflections from my experience. I still have that experience and bring it to my writing (and to my dealings with clients). And, it will remain dedicated to client siders.
  • The reality is that I am simply going from working for one client exclusively (Scotiabank) to a myriad of clients with new and complex challenges and opportunities.
  • I like the brand. There is a certain sentimentality to having created it. And, Google juice, Technorati rankings and a host of other vanity items are things I do not want to tinker around with (at this stage at least).
  • What happens if I go back to being a client one day? What if that is my master plan? What then?

  • And finally, now more than ever, my chief concern will be clients. As a former client, I really want them to know that I am on their side! Groan…. yes, I know how cheesy that sounds, but it is true.

So there you have it. Although it will not likely change my decision, I would love to hear your thoughts if you agree or disagree with the rationale.