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I’ve been asked to speak at the upcoming Canadian Marketing Association’s Roundtable “How does social media fit into your marketing strategy? on March 4th in Toronto. I’ve been preparing a entirely new presentation for the session that will address “the implications of social media on organizations and how it applies to marketing”.
What stopped me in my tracks recently when trying to compare and contrast Social Media with traditional marketing in my new materials was dead simple. Social Media is always on.
I have already written here on the blog and in previous presentations about how point in time campaigns are not the model, although they can be part of the mix within a social media marketing strategy if done right. Real success comes from authenticity, transparency, relevance and sustainability. In other words, you can’t turn it on and then shut it off as you please. Credibility is won with consistency and the building of community. So, the paradigm of campaign-based marketing that ruled the earth for decades upon decades goes against the grain here.
As I was reading a post by Joe Marchese at Online Spin (quickly becoming one of my must read blogs), the simplicity of “always on” was articulated. Thanks Joe. To date, that is the one of the best descriptions I’ve heard to point out what marketers need to think about when considering social media in their marketing.
Social Media is always on. Are you prepared to flip the switch?