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I came across WayOut TV today after reading one of the session descriptions at the Ad Age Digital Conference in NY. And yes, I am disappointed I am not there!
John Battelle, Founder/Chairman/CEO, Federated Media is moderating a panel including Damon Wayans, Founder, WayoutTV.com. (Warning – content may offend viewers, but that is actually the value prop of the entire site). Yes, this is the same Damon Wayans of In Living Color fame ( and Major Payne shame).
Here is the description of Wayans YouTube project:

WayoutTV.com is the brain-child of Damon Wayans and is designed as an incubator to develop innovative television shows for the internet which will include: comedy, drama, action, reality, and animation. A creative haven for up and coming writers, directors, producers, actors and musical talent, WayoutTV.com will seek out and nurture the vision of these young artists. Mr. Wayans will work with these artists to develop original content. By creating a turn-key operation for the Hollywood community of the future, WayoutTV.com will produce weekly programming.

According to funny man Wayans “Internet (today) is cable 25 years ago.” via Rubel tweet. From what I could pick up on the Twitter stream of conference attendees, he seems quite savvy with the evolving models around online video. “You Tube is the greatest focus group ever. They say what they want in comments etc. They don’t pull any punches” via Armano tweet. Sounds like marketers and advertisers can learn from what he is discovering in the world of online video .
While I have yet to check out the depth of content at WayOut TV, a few things come to mind:
– When successful mainstream entertainment figures show up at digital conferences on a panel, talking about their own projects and can speak the language of digital marketers, we are moving out of the geekdom.
– As a persona like Wayans talks of, and manages to diss, his peers in the same online space (Will Ferrel’s Funny or Die), we know we have reached a whole new stage in the game.
– Given my post below on Sure Fire Ways To Moderate A Panel, how cool would it be to moderate Homey D. Clown? Priceless.
– Our adoption and use of video online is not even close to it’s potential yet. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the opportunity. The barriers are down and there are no limits on this frontier. We need to look for examples outside of the usual “marketing” suspects and see what others are doing. Where they are succeeding, and where they are struggling,
There are implications for those on the sidelines waiting to see how this new world unfolds. We can learn a lesson from Mr. Wayans and begin to unfold it for ourselves, figure it out on the fly and lead the way.
Hat tip to Steve Rubel and Armano via Twitter.