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Here’s the thing. I’m not knocking Second Life. I get it, I like it and used to use it. And, I see future potential for the 3D web model. But as I suspected and wrote about quite a while ago, without hardcore results and a translation to bottom-line business objectives, it would fail to carry it’s marketing-darling momentum on hype alone. And, marketers would lose interest.
Please read carefully. I said it would fail to carry it’s forward momentum. It was not sustainable on that front. And, I seem to be in good company with this viewpoint. This does not mean I am trashing SL, I’m just pointing out how it is like a Cabbage Patch kid. One Christmas people are killing for them, next one they are overflowing in the $2 bin.
Well folks, close to 60% of marketers who were polled at the NYC Advertising Age Digital Conferenced agreed that it was the most over-hyped new media of 2007.
According to Steve Rubel “Second Life has become a quagmire for marketers”. I think he is right in more than just a few SL examples (but not necessarily all).
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