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Brian Clark of CopyBlogger (a must read blog by the way) has a great post I encourage you to check out titled “Five Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing.”
My career background is steeped in direct and relationship marketing. One that also took into account the importance of content as a centerpiece of how to tangibly demonstrate relevance to consumers on behalf of the brands I have worked for and with. As such, I found myself nodding my head in agreement reading the post and thinking it is a step forward from the talk that we find our selves in much of the time.
The same old conversations get a bit stale when no one is really saying anything new, so I appreciated the dialog over at Copyblogger kicked off by Social Media skeptic Bob Hoffman from the Ad Contrarian blog.
Some will find aspects of the conversation polarizing (the old purist versus pragmatist view), but that is good. It is becoming clearer that marketers are indeed thinking about and challenging conventional wisdom, coming to grips with old and new models and how to strike the right balance. We need to look further and explore, argue and even lose some sleep over what to do in new media that works for both audience/community and brand/business. Whether you agree or not with Bob or Brian, I believe they make us think a bit harder about things.
In the end, Brian’s summary hits it straight on:
“The reason there’s so much incestuous discussion about social media marketing is because we’re at the forefront of a new media industry. We’re the people who are shaping the future, and it’s important that we hash it out the old-fashioned way–with discourse, debate, and disagreement.
That is the great part about what is going on today. It is not fully baked and is not “one size fits all”. And, we are working together on the solutions. Thank goodness for that.