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I just read that Kyle MacDonald of One Red Paperclip fame is trading his house.
For those who don’t know the story of Kyle, he successfully traded a red paperclip up for a house in series of 14 successive trades that had him cross paths with the likes of Alice Cooper and Corbin Bernsen. According to the article in WIRED, Kyle “announced Tuesday that he’s accepting offers for his two-story, full-furnished farmhouse (right), which is located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Apparently the fist offer Kyle received was, wait for it… a red paperclip.
I interviewed Kyle last year in advance of the Mass To Grass Word of Mouth Conference. He is a genuine nice guy and his speech at the conference was amazing. Check out The Client Side Podcast Episode # 14 – In Conversation with Kyle MacDonald – One Red Paper Clip edition.
Here is the ABC 20/20 segment on Kyle’s journey that landed him the house

It will be interesting to watch what becomes of ORP part deux.