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I saw this video and could not help but think about the change in today’s marketing environment. We now face a landscape of unlimited choices, new ones and old ones. A plethora of opportunities and ways to experiment beyond what history tells us worked at one time.
Yet all too often you see this kind of hack job that the video below depicts. Trying to cram something in where it does not belong just because there seems to be a space to fill. And then what? We just walk away while observers just stand, stare and wonder “why?”.
Ultimately that is the problem with the campaign mentality in the industry that we have come to know and to practice since the early 20th centrury. We think in terms of getting in and getting out. We strive to create as large an impact as possible over a short time-frame. Make a lot of noise with as little damage as possible. Rinse and repeat.
In hindsight, we have been very good at manufacturing the problem we now stare in the face; consumers are trained to ignore marketing, question authenticity and scrutinize what “loyalty” really means with a brand (hint – it is not bonus points for a free alarm clock, or 5% off your 100th purchase – there is more to loyalty than gimmicks).
In building our own beast, the fight is on to survive in an environment where consumers expect more than hollow promises. They now demand tangible demonstrations (on a regular basis I might add) of what the “brand” is really about and why they should be loyal. In other words, we can no longer eschew community for a shot at critical mass.
Marketers have a chance (the best chance ever) in today’s digital world to build communities and tap into the people who really care. It is very clear that it can’t be done on the back of campaigns alone. It will be done through real connections, conversations and a new wave of thinking in terms of “non-zero sum marketing” with consumers.