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Men are horrible at gift giving. Women know this, men don’t.
It doesn’t matter how sensitive, thoughtful or metro-sexual he is. A bad gift from a guy is as sure as rain after a car wash.
So, how does one find enlightenment on this matter of grave importance, receiving the proper information on how to avoid being written up in the book of bad? Take The Doghouse at Beware of the Doghouse as capable and entertaining resource.
It has been viral hit for JC Penney around the “truthiness” that guys are total failures with the whole gift thing. It makes us laugh and sparks the desire to send along and share. It is the kind of thing that may even win a marketing award or two.
I was going to suggest it might have been interesting to see recommended gift ideas and links to other options beyond diamonds. I mean, even as dumb as most men are, everyone knows that diamonds are a guaranteed victory. Perhaps it would have been helpful to see gifts selected by women, voted on in a Digg type manner driving online purchasing across categories. That kind of thing.
However, I immediately remembered the whole point of exercise is to keep us gents focused. Any distraction may result in an ill-conceived decision to that will end up being a one way ticket to the Doghouse.
So, it is great that the site does not try to do too much and there is clear focus on what they want you to buy. And, although I was going to be cynical and suggest they simply want you to buy the most expensive thing they can sell, I truly believe the spirit of this effort is to keep men safe this holiday season. For that, we are all thankful.
The agency behind the Doghouse campaign is Saatchi & Saatchi. Nicely done.